Neupfarrkirche - New Parish Church

This church is the oldest Protestant parish in Regensburg.

The Reformation was introduced here in 1542. There is an inscription in the Southern Hall saying:

 "Anno 1542 Jar den 15. tag october des selben ior den 19. suntag nach trinitatis ward des Herrn Abendmall in diser Kirchen angefangen."

On October 15th, 1542, the 19th Sunday after Trinity,  the Lord’s Supper was celebrated for the first time in this church.


In the Southern Hall you can also see an inscription ridiculing the Pope:

"LVTERUS CAPUT VERITATIS 1545 PAPA AVTEM MENDAX" - Luther is the Head of truth; the Pope, however, is a liar.

The Bells of the New Parish Church


Have a look around the church, if you can't go inside