Altes Rathaus - Old Town Hall

On October 13th 1542 the City Council decided that in the  future the Lord’s Supper was permitted in public services using both: bread and wine. Two days later the first worship in the Lutheran way was celebrated in the Neupfarrkirche. That was the beginning of the Reformation in Regensburg.

The Perpetual Imperial Diet met in the Old Town Hall from 1663 – 1806. Regensburg was the still seen as a Protestant city, because one  had to be a Protestant in order to have the complete rights of citizenship. Nevertheless, many citizens were Catholics, without those citizens’ rights.

For nearly 150 years Regensburg was the center of the German Empire. Envoys from many countries were sent to Regensburg in a diplomatic mission. The Ambassadors’ Cemetery tells the story of those days in its tombstones.

In the Old Town Hall you can look around from two different angles: